Murder Mystery is a G-Mod game recreated on ROBLOX by ROBLOX user Nikilis. In Murder there are 3 classes. There is the murderer, the sheriff, and the innocent. The murderer must kill all of the innocent players + the sheriff while trying to not let others know who is the muderer. The sheriff's job is to find the murderer and try to kill him/her to protect the innocent players. The innocent player's jobs are to avoid being killed by the murderer while sticking together and using skills such as telling the sheriff who the murderer is if you know. You can also buy "upgrades". Upgrades can be knife, gun, and even face changer upgrades. The game is currently in BETA at the time of this post, but it's still very fun. If you want to play Muder Mystery heres the link.

MM Upgrades - wiki review video00:18

MM Upgrades - wiki review video

Game Review - Murder Mystery02:32

Game Review - Murder Mystery


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